Specialty coffee Ethiopia “Gora Kone”

Property Characteristics:
Farmer: Bogale Wako
Farm: Gora Kone Washing Station
City: Nensebo
Region: Sidamo
Nation: Ethiopia
Altitude: 1950 – 2045 m.a.s.l.

Coffee Characteristics:
Variety: mixed heirloom
Processing System: Washed Method
Score: 88


You can choose your favorite type of roasting:
– Light roast : ideal for alternative systems of extraction as v60, Chemex, french press, aeropress, syphon and filter coffee machine
– Espresso roast : perfect for espresso, moka and napoletana as well as for alternative extraction systems

P.S. Specialty coffees are roasted only on order, and according to the specifications indicated by the customer, to ensure maximum freshness and quality. This means that, not being a coffee continuously roasted, it is not immediately available in stock and ready for shipping but it requires a few more days of waiting than other products.


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