Caffè Pascucci for Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024. The Monte Cerignone week (17 – 23 June)

Caffè Pascucci food for thought

We recognize ourselves as belonging to this project, we recognize the connection, we feel part of this way of seeing and addressing the future of the territory. We are dreamers who live and build the relationship between nature and technology on a daily basis, with the profound desire to do it with art, understood as craft, wisdom, a know-how of the hands supported by the heart and the mind.

A network of connections links us to the world in all its aspects: the agricultural part, on the periphery of the world, with which we try to collaborate directly in a dialogue of mutual respect and growth; the choice to produce in Monte Cerignone, a territorial outskirts, of whose socio-economic fabric we are an important, essential part; the relationship with the macro-economy, of which the world of coffee is one of the protagonists, which moves mountains; the extreme search for quality in every aspect of processing: the men and women who work every day to offer each customer their coffee, extracted in the best way, from filter coffee to ibrik, to recognize our identity in the espresso Italian; the exchange of cultures and dialogue with our partners; the radical choice to think of the world as the place that hosts us and precisely for this reason to increasingly orient our choices towards organic coffees, designing and creating truly environmentally friendly containers.

Caffe Pascucci is a world. Pascucci Fibra is an integral part of it, a macro-project that takes a long time to talk about but is so simple and clean to drink.

The challenges of Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024, launched with the expansion of recognition of the entire provincial territory, are shared by Caffe Pascucci, from the starting blocks to the final objective of Pesaro24. Caffe Pascucci recognizes itself in the “other” vision of the territory, it is a striking example of this with its choice to work among these horizons. It struggles daily with its being a suburb, which is objectified in the alternation of curves that lead away from the city. With the brave truck drivers who venture into the heart of a difficult and snowy Montefeltro, mythical big men who get out of their powerful vehicles in short sleeves while the cold wind blows from Mount Carpegna.

His experience is the one in continuous mutation that arises from the vision of Antonio Pascucci, accepted by his son Mario, then made alive and true by Alberto who made tradition the root of the future: “we must not forget where we come from if we want to be sure of where you want to go.”

Monte Cerignone is the home, where the green beans arrive, are preserved, ripen, breathe, wait to be toasted, to start again.

Monte Cerignone is the outskirts of the province, the border with Romagna. Hybrid territory with the characteristics of Montefeltro softened, lightened, smoothed by the wind that brings the Romagna sense of life along the Conca valley.

In this context, Caffe Pascucci dialogues with the country in the construction of events and actions imagined for and with 50×50 Capitali alquadrato / Pesaro24.

With an eye attentive to the vision and sharing of beauty. After all, it is not difficult for those who live in these places. The project of recognizing ourselves in a common identity is more complex, an important challenge to build together.

The mobile nature of culture The world of coffee is mobility. The roasting, the plantations, the rooms where the coffee is consumed, the operators who work, constantly communicate. Cities and geographical suburbs.

The ubiquitous nature of culture Coffee culture passes through the care of many hands and affects all the spaces it covers. The memory of all these steps is preserved in the single grain which preserves the aromas of his land of origin. Memory is the basis of the knowledge of those who roast the bean and transform it. Monte Cerignone is the place of memory and of this culture that becomes a cup.

The unpredictable nature of the culture Pascucci Fibra affects the coffee container, like the pod for the pea. In this world that no longer finds the time to prepare a mocha, single-portion has become prevalent, producing an impressive mass of waste. The Pascucci vegetable fiber capsule recovers processing waste from other productions, such as sugar cane fibre, to become the perfect container. From earth to earth, truly compostable.

The industrious nature of the culture Caffe Pascucci is an excellent example of this industriousness. Innovation and research, growth that continues from generation to generation.

The living nature of culture Through organic blends and the Pascucci Fibra project, respect and love for the environment that hosts us are the priority. Pascucci lives this relationship by making conscious choices, with the sense that should be “normal” everyday life.

The day of June 23rd aims to be an example of this tale.


Pascucci Cup Tasting event

We taste Cup of Excellence, excellent cups to enter the world of coffee and understand the organoleptic differences of the individual origins

Conference: Possible sustainability, influencing the world with the Italian experience in organic farming and environmental care

Mario Pascucci dialogues with important entities such as Ecofuturo, Girolomoni and Fondazione Cetacea with the exceptional intervention of G.B. Zorzoli.

Ecofuturo will present a preview of the Ecofuturo Word project. Starting from the book edited in 1961 by G.B. Zorzoli and Umberto Eco Figurative history of inventions. From chipped flint to space flight to land on the new digital platform. From the book to the world, a dialogue on the construction of new communication paradigms.

Pascucci Fibra

During the week, coffee and infusions extracted from Nipple, the first pure approach to life, the Pascucci system for portioned coffee, will be offered.


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