Specialty Coffee Burundi “Kawasili Kivuvuma tropical”

Burundi is a small producer of coffee, but in the Burundian economy, coffee produces over 80% of GDP. Burundi, despite being small and beautiful and inhabited by exceptional people, is unfortunately one of the poorest countries in the world and coffee is one of the few sources of livelihood.

In this country, which today produces only washed coffee, in the geographical area of Kayanza, Pascucci and Shamba have teamed up to create an advanced experimental center called Kawasili. In this center of analysis and control, of harvesting, but above all of daily relationship with farmers, agricultural knowledge and training are brought with the aim of obtaining important results.

The project has four revolutionary dreams.The first revolution is to process Burundian coffee with the natural method, transforming the traditional citrus acidity into a sweet syrupy intensity.

The coffee obtained is of a very high quality and the first bags have already given great satisfaction. The goal is also to help farmers joining organized cooperatives, stopping selling off their crops. A further step is obtaining organic certification, which Burundian coffees potentially already have, given that small producers do not fertilize and do not use synthetic pesticides. Finally, the crux of “how do I pay you”. Men often squander most of the money they receive; to overcome this problem, the family is involved in order to agree with the fact that the proceeds are handed over to the wife, who is more prudent in its management (with the participation of AVSI, the humanitarian organization with which the method was formalized).

Property Characteristics:
Farm: Kawasili
Farmer: Diane Nsengiyumva
City: Gahombo
Region: Kayanza
Altitude: 1735 m.a.s.l.

Coffee Characteristics:
Variety: Mibirizi
Processing System: Natural Method
Score: 89,00

AROMA: Jam, winey, propolis, honey, melon
FLAVOR: Aged rhum, mango, cheeskake, complex and round throughout temperatures, honey, cedar, tart cherry, tobacco, molasses, maple syrup
ACIDITY: Tropical like acidity, multidimensional
BODY: High bodied


You can choose your favorite type of roasting:
– Light roast : ideal for alternative systems of extraction as v60, Chemex, french press, aeropress, syphon and filter coffee machine
– Espresso roast : perfect for espresso, moka and napoletana as well as for alternative extraction systems

P.S. Specialty coffees are roasted only on order, and according to the specifications indicated by the customer, to ensure maximum freshness and quality. This means that, not being a coffee continuously roasted, it is not immediately available in stock and ready for shipping but it requires a few more days of waiting than other products.


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