Decaffeinated capsule 100 % recyclable aluminum comp. Nespresso 10 pcs


The Italian typicality characterizes this blend.

Composed of natural and washed coffees, the perceptions of toasted, chocolate, caramel and the marked sweetness stand out over every other smell.

These capsules are compatible with coffee machines using Nespresso capsules.

Capsule size: upper width 3,7 cm ; lower width 2,2 cm ; height 2,7 cm

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SKU: 32303-10
Ground roasted decaffeinated coffee blend in capsules compatible with coffee machines using Nespresso capsules.
0,05 %
Capsules machine Nespresso type
Slightly strong
Capsule in aroma protection packaging. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
The Italian typicalness characterizes this blend. Roasted coffee, chocolate and caramel tastes with the marked sweetness imposes themselves over every other aroma.
Mappa mondo
India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador Blend from different origins, heights and types of plants