Recap “Human & Green”


“Human & Green” was an event dedicated to excellence in the words of the speakers, the answers to our questions were clear and convincing.

Let’s make a brief summary: the flavor of the ingredients is pure when these are obtained respecting the requirements of naturalness and origin. The nourishment of the planet should not be a concern, on the contrary, the population is aging and the opposite is true, today people die more from bad and excessive nutrition.

What we really need to worry about is that all routes to access enough food. The certifications are a value but their cost must be proportionate to the country in which they are applied, the poorest areas that do not use herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers should be certified ex officio without applying costs to farmers.

Their purity must be protected. A balanced trade that takes into account the difficulties at the origin and the final difficulties of the supply chain is not only possible, it will be a duty for all those companies that consider themselves evolved.

In Europe 16% of the territories are organically grown, the European directive has become the goal of reaching 25% by 2030. Italy, due to its geographic conformation, can aspire to reach 70% for that date. The choice is in the hands of those who buy. In Europe, the reduction in the use of synthetic products in agriculture is making industries converge towards developing countries, places where, in order to start their use, preparations are often given away to make local farmers accustomed to use them.

Education and dissemination of information to agricultural operators is the way to make them live and work better, with knowledge and sensitizing them in a transparent way they will be able to produce healthy products avoiding the use of chemicals.

The cultivation of organic can be rewarding and the conscious consumer can dictate its diffusion.

Cooperating is better than competing.
Now or never.
The choice is up to the consumer.

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