Orange Juice Juta Fruit – Organic

Product: 100% organic orange juice.

Origin: Lebanon

Bottled in the valley of the sacred mountain of Balamand. The Balamand Monastery is a Antiochian Eastern-Orthodox monastery founded in 1157 in Balamand, now in the Koura District, in Northern Lebanon. It is one of the richest places in history, faith and culture in the entire Middle Eastern area.

Packaging: Glass bottle with metal cap with tin-coated band.

Nominal quantity (one bottle): 250 ml

Selling unity6 bottles

All the ingredients come from ORGANIC farming.

Conservation: After opening keep closed in a cool (+4°c) dry place and consume quickly.

How to use: To be used at any time of the day. Shake before use. A possible base residue indicates the authenticity of the product.

In reference to the ingredients, we confirm that they are free from ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms and do not contain genetically modified organisms.


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