Moka Coffee Pot 3 Cups Aeronautica Militare

Caffè Pascucci is proud to present you the “Aeronautica Militare” line, a prestigious and original brand.

Among the many products in this line you can find Aluminium coffee pot, produced in Italy. Capacity 3 cups.

Knob and handle are made of plastic and with ergonomic shape to ensure the maximum safety when using the coffee-maker.

Net weight 450 g

Pascucci coffee pots are realized with high quality raw materials and have a pleasing and charming design.

The double layer bottom and the boiler’s heat diffuser allow the coffee to flow very softly, exploiting the blend at its best.

That’s why the coffee’s rich flavour and scent are exalted, a virtue only offered by Pascucci’s coffee pots.

Original price was: $36.38.Current price is: $32.74.

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