Specialty Coffee Box

This is a set of exceptional specialty coffees.

8 different packs of single origin coffees (80 grams each one), the best for those who love to taste specialty coffees.

– 80 g of Rwanda “Caferwa Gafunzo Gishugi (II)”, a Cup Of Excellence in Typica and Bourbon blend, grown at 2000 m.a.s.l. in a nutrient-rich soil.
– 80 g of Nicaragua “Las Brumas”, a Cup Of Excellence Pacamara grown by Rina Liseth that stands out for its strong and sweet freshness.
– 80 g of Honduras “El Espejo”, a fantastic Cup Of Excellence Pacas with a score of 90.42. It ‘s a mix of sweet notes, floral and ripe fruit.
– 80 g of Burundi “Nkondo, a Cup Of Excellence Bourbon worked in the old Sogestal plants that presents aromatic malic and citric acid, combined with flowers and fruit.
– 80 g of Costa Rica “El Trapiche”, an excellent Catuai cultivated in the Tarrazù region. It’s characterized by spicy notes of peach, cream and mature fruit with a final sugar cane.
– 80 g of El Salvador “Hamburgo / Nepaja”, a washed Bourbon with a great score of 89,96, produced by a Cup Of Excellence multi-award winning farm.
– 80 g of Peru “San Pedro – El Shimir”, one of our best Cup Of Excellence Caturra and Bourbon awarded by the international jury with a very high score of 90.48.
– 80 g of Brazil “Chacara Vista Alegre”, a soft, elegant and well balanced natural Catuaì.

These coffees fully show their quality when extracted through systems that preserve and enhance the organoleptic characteristics.

You can choose your favorite type of roasting:
– light roast: ideal for alternative systems of extraction as v60, Chemex, french press, aeropress, syphon and filter coffee machine
– espresso roast: perfect for espresso, moka and napoletana as well as for alternative extraction systems

P.S. Cup Of Excellence coffees are roasted only on order, and according to the specifications indicated by the customer, to ensure maximum freshness and quality. This means that, not being a coffee continuously roasted, it is not immediately available in stock and ready for shipping but it requires a few more days of waiting than other products.


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