Organic capsule 100 % recyclable aluminum comp. Nespresso 10 pcs

Description: This coffee blend, ground and packaged in Nespresso® compatible capsules, chooses only coffee origins based on their authentic, delicate and aromatic taste. The coffee used for this product derives from certified organic agriculture and plays a major role in social projects that aim at improving the living conditions of farmers, their agricultural skills and at sharing long term goals.

ORIGIN: Colombia, Guatemala, India, Mexico.

Blend from different origins, heights and types of plants.

By organic farming



STRENGTH: slightly strong

Notes: A clean and refined taste that emphasizes a perfect balance between dark chocolate notes, bitter cocoa, toasted, mature red fruits, fresh flowers, tropical fruits.

These capsules are compatible with coffee machines using Nespresso capsules.

Capsule size: upper width 3,7 cm ; lower width 2,2 cm ; height 2,7 cm

4,70  3,60 

SKU: 31530-10