“Muccaccino” milk frother

Description: Muccaccino, electric milk frother that creates a dense smooth uniform milk foam, either cold or hot, in order to prepare a cup of cappuccino or other beverages.

Preparation time: around 210-300 seconds for hot milk foam, around 180 seconds for cold milk foam.

Capacity: the milk frother allows you to prepare from 140 ml to 250 ml of milk.

The glass container and the removable mixer allow you to keep the milk frother clean easily and accurately.
The switch button has a bright led (red/hot, blue/cold) with automatic switch off. Push once for hot beverages and twice for cold ones.
Smooth disk: it allows you to heat milk without foam.
Knurled disk: it allows you to have your milk foam.
The disks can be placed in the proper space in the lower part of the milk frother.
You can use fresh, whole, semi-skimmed milk or plant milk (soy, almonds, oat), since the dense cream derives from proteins.


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