“Kita” coffee cup

Pascucci red stamp coffee cup designed by the famous Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita.

A cup perfectly balanced in its roundness.

The curvature that joins the wall to the bottom, calculated and proportioned in a maniacal way, allows to obtain even more performing mixing results. The mathematics applied by Kita ensures that the force that moves the flow of coffee towards the ceramic material collects, is wrapped, and accompanied to discharge delicately to the walls of the cup in a uniform way, whatever the degree of cup tilt. The falling force and the shape of the material further micronize the bubbles of the liquids to obtain an extreme, compact and uniform texture.

Innovation also for the handle, characterized by a point of support for the middle finger of the hand to look like a dripping. In reality this shape allows the barista to no longer have to be forced to manipulate the walls of the cup and very often the points of contact with the mouth of those who will then go to consume the drink. This handle makes it easier to manage and allows you to maintain your grip even with the weight of the milk, which is impossible with the handles of ordinary cups.

Selling unity: set of 6 cups + 6 saucers

Cup capacity: 80 ml


SKU: 51155