Pascucci photo contest 2021

For months, employees and collaborators of the Pascucci group have challenged each other to produce images that highlight the values of originality, beauty, harmony and sociability in which our brand is recognized.

The result is that we had a lot of memorable photographs in our hands, and making a choice was not easy at all.

This is the final ranking:

  1. Manoliu Constantin – Timisoara (RO)
  2. Danilo Sevi – Pesaro (PU)
  3. Sharon Raboy – Santiago del Cile (RCH)
  4. Enea Pesaresi – Riccione (RN)
  5. Leslie Javiera Bustos Chafic – Ornago (MB)
  6. Federica Penserini – Monte Cerignone (PU)
  7. Stefano Caimi – Rimini (RN)
  8. Biagio Abati – Riccione (RN)
  9. Nicola Bruno – Polignano a Mare (BA)
  10. Andrea Astolfi – Cesenatico (RN)

Here are other shots that we liked a lot:

  • Angelo Zeppetella
  • Rosanna Chiarabini
  • Naomi Lo Russo
  • Federico D’Attilio
  • Caterina Pellerito
  • Chiara Lattanzi
  • Francesca Angelina Nunez
  • Gabriele Billi
  • Marta Pierantozzi
  • Nicola Parenti
  • Gloria Romano