The Pascucci origins: Colombia and the Arhuaco

The Arhuaco are indigenous people living in the Colombian mountains of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

Their life is inspired by infinite balance, everything that happens is a consequence of our attitude towards what surrounds us. They explain to us that most of the evil that affect the world is drawing strength from the unscrupulous behavior of a few and the indifference of each of us.

It’s always exciting talking with them, the topics seem simple but they are the essence of life. Life, beauty, nature, land, work, everyday life, emotions, food, perfumes, organic, joy.

You can find the coffee produced by the Arhuaco in the Pascucci blends and in single origin. We work with the Arhuaco because we love their coffee, we love their philosophy and we are proud to be part of their dream of harmony.