New opening: Milano, via Paolo Sarpi 3

Tomorrow, Thursday 4 August 2022, a new reference point for those who love quality coffee, specialty coffees and also imaginative, tasty and colorful preparations opens: it’s Caffè Pascucci in via Paolo Sarpi 3 in Milan.

The shop is a colorful and imaginative environment with floral wallpaper, Deco elements and reflective surfaces that multiply the space, where there are some seats with a small table in lacquered wood and marble (like the counter), where you can stop to read, browse the post or some social page, but above all enjoy the great protagonist of the place: coffee. However, it can be ordered to take away in compostable glasses and cups, because it is important to always have the environment at heart.

Upon entering, you find yourself in a new dimension of cafeteria, which alongside the classic espresso counter, the new Frappo counter, a real concentration of practicality that gathers around the barista all the products and technologies necessary for the realization of the different preparations. Here you can ask for classic Pascucci recipes such as Confuso (the espresso with the historic “Crema Confuso” of the house with vanilla) and Frappo (espresso, milk, brown sugar, whipped cream or confuso cream), as well as fresh new frozen and creative, coffee-based and more. The chocolate-based recipes in the fruit and salted caramel versions are accompanied by the experimentation of new products to combine with coffee, such as Marche truffle creams or sweet macarons. To guide the choice we find the large monitor placed above the counter, dynamic and colorful.

The decision to dedicate a space to recipes must not make us forget that the protagonist and the heart is always coffee: the espressos are prepared with a Leva de La Marzocco espresso machine, which combines design and technology for always perfect cups; next to it there are four coffee grinders because here you are really spoiled for choice.

Those who love blends with a more sweet and round taste can choose between Riserva Bio, which gives a sweet coffee, with a very fresh aroma and a dark aftertaste with fruity notes of apricot, avocado and green almonds, and Riserva Premium Bio dedicated to our founder , Alberto Pascucci: a sweet and balanced blend in which all the company’s values ​​are contained. Starting with the choice of natural products, from organic farming and in close collaboration with farmers, looking for direct relationships that favor the growth of the agricultural part and the well-being of those who grow coffee.

Alongside the organic blends, the specialty single origins from Burundi, from the Kawasili center, where we have been working closely with producers for years to help them create coffee of incredible quality with natural processing systems. The two specialties are Kawasili Tropical, with a very pleasant taste of aged rum, mango cheesecake, and Kavuvuma, with an elegant, sweet, apricot, jasmine, juicy, tropical taste, both processed with natural method: to be prepared in espresso or filtered in the V60.

Four types of coffee to treat yourself, day after day. Slowly discovering the scents that experts recognize while sipping their cup, scents that come from the lands of origin, given by different climates and careful processing.

The same scents are released on the walls of the room, with their fresh fragrance. Tea roses, English roses, coffee berries, sweet apricots, citrus fruits and racemes of white flowers, wild berries, strawberries and dog roses climb the walls, as in a slightly wild garden where everything bears fruit without order but which is harmony as a whole.

Those who want to enjoy a good coffee even at home can buy packs of coffee beans, ground or pods, a mocha, a French press and other accessories, which a well-stocked shelving makes available for takeaway purchases.

We are waiting for you!