“Human & Green” webinar – Friday 16 April, 3:30 pm


Do synthetic fertilizers alter the flavor?
Can organic food feed the planet?
Are the various certifications for sustainability and their cost an acceptable burden for the buyer’s pocket?
A balanced trade that satisfies the entire supply chain is possible?
Is it utopian to think of uniting micro farmers in areas where hardship and misery reign, and to be able to transform them into exporters?


We will try to answer these and other questions in the videoconference that will be broadcast on FRIDAY APRIL 16 AT 3:30 PM on our Youtube channel:


We will have the pleasure of listening to:
  • Elena Viganò (Full Professor – Rural Economics and Estimation, Department of Economics, Society, Politics (DESP) University of Urbino)
  • Giovanni Girolomoni (President of the Agricultural Cooperative Gino Girolomoni)
  • Massimo Mogiatti (President of the Shadhilly Cooperative)
  • Diane Nsengiyumva (Caffè Shamba, Founder with Caffè Pascucci of Kawasili – Burundi)
  • Mario Pascucci (CEO Caffè Pascucci Torrefazione S.p.A.)
This meeting, initially intended for those who work in Pascucci, is open to a wide audience with the specific desire to inform and stimulate as many people as possible in the areas of cooperation, quality, sustainability and respect.


If it is not possible for you to follow the webinar live, in the following days you will have the opportunity to see the registration on our Facebook and Youtube accounts.


“Human & Green” poster by Giorgia Lancellotti.