Caffè Pascucci gets Halal certification


Halal certification for all Pascucci’s blends.

The Divine can be found in all we do. During our moments of prayer, our daily commitments, during joyful days or tougher ones, when we are alone or with our family.

In every moment of our life we realise to be a part of a greater system. The Halal certification derives from a process that creates a link between tangible things and things that are purely spiritual. It’s aim is to guarantee the quality and purity of the ingredients, so that they are not contaminated due to human weaknesses and distractions.

Thanks to the Halal certification, Pascucci enhances the respect for the raw materials it selects

The support of WHA, the international body that issues the Halal certification, has been crucial to develop further considerations and to enrich the Pascucci company and its experience. The WHA has introduced to us the proper strategy in order to guarantee the purity of the product, both tangibly and spiritually.